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The SnagMob Saver magazine serves as a discovery guide for your community. Combining the very best of direct mail marketing, strategic content delivery and call-to-action incentives, this glossy, full colored, portable lifestyle publication is designed to maximize readership and shelf life through its clean, sophisticated design; professionally written advertorials and an emphasis on stunning, high-quality photography. The SnagMob Saver provides the most efficient and sophisticated way to deliver to a highly valued local audience.

Local readers love the incentives and reading about local business owners. Merchants love being associated with a sophisticated product that delivers a true and tangible return on investment.

The SnagMob Saver magazine publishes between 4 and 6 times annually for each community.  


SnagMob Publishing operates using a profit share model. Our Area Publishing Directors operate their SnagMob business as their own, enjoying unique flexibility, job satisfaction and unlimited income potential. 

SnagMob provides resources to support our Area Publishing Directors, handling all aspects of accounting, invoicing, ad design, quality control, mail routing, printing, marketing, delivery and processes designed to increase efficiency.

Area Publishing Directors are responsible for sales and building long-term relationships with business owners, decision makers and civic leaders in their community.


SnagMob offers products and services beyond print publications. If opportunities become available in your community, SnagMob can provide a variety of marketing offerings for your merchants, including but not limited to, social media strategy, e-mail marketing, content strategy, direct mail marketing and daily deals.